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knowledge About Us

GAZELLE first open transaction at 2003, with aim to transform music on to everyday basis, of course with a range of selected –best - band product under one roof. We started with only mouth to mouth power experience, and doing the backseat transactions. At early 2004 we finally get our own roof done. Located in Sambas, a small compartment, filled up with a large collection, where everyone used to lined up for a single transaction. Nice!

GAZELLE quickly grew to be known as one of Jakarta’s finest purveyor of rarities and selective goods. Continue with our flagship store : Panglima Polim debut, we blend in the hype of music industry and culture around us , Gazelle has painted the town in black as our liberation of music expression and open our door for Local brand to elaborate the proud of native design on our neighborhood.

Since our passion will always be in music , and all the strings attached, we moved our store to Mendawai on 2009 , touched the earth of the society and keep the music flows, beat off the street with the simple retail store experience. Let the rhythms roll!

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